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At Crane, we not only believe in leaving your location cleaner than when we arrived, we also believe in leaving the world a better, cleaner place than when we arrived as well. Along those lines we prefer to use ecological products during all phases of cleaning. This includes detergent’s as well as trying to reuse water where and if possible. 

Complete Floor Care

We offer full-scale floor care solutions, including interim and partial.

Coolers Cleaning

CraneIFS takes care of your hygiene by health maintenance and cleaning of water coolers. Our cooler cleaning services follow a defined pattern from draining to pressing the spigots until water flows.

Pressure Washing

We provide top-level pressure washing services to remove junk, loose paint, mold, dust and mud from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces using the best machinery and cleaning attachment.

Carpet Maintenance

Our carpet maintenance solutions ensure that your carpets are dirt and debris-free.

Meat Room Cleaning

Our janitorial specialists provide a complete series of meat room cleaning to ensure that your place is clean enough for routine functionality. Our services under meat room cleaning include: rushing loose product, foaming degreaser diluted, rinsing, wiping, drying and sanitizing to make it environment friendly.

Strip and Wax

CraneIFS expert floor strippers ensure that your place is clean enough to give your visitors a welcoming vibe. We extend our strip and wax services to; thorough coating, stripping with an accurate solution by professional-grade floor strippers. In waxing, we emphasize good floor sealing by applying multiple layers with critical gaps to make the floor looks glossy and appealing.

Retrofit Cleaning

Crane IFS specializes in delivering scrubber-system retrofit cleaning services around Canada. With a qualified team, we alter your vehicle’s dirty engine and clean it up to reduce its emissions.  

Shopping Cart Cleaning

Our commercial services include shopping cart cleaning for several retailers and suppliers. We strive to help their customers experience a safe and healthy shopping experience via our commercial janitorial services.

Bulb Replacement

From analyzing accurate fit to compatible products for bulb replacement, we ensure the perfection of everything before getting it done.

Litter Pickup

We always keep public safety our priority and play our significant for keeping the safest environment. Our dedicated workforce picks up litter from seaside, walkways and hiking spots and trashes them appropriately.

Day Porter Services

Our janitorial experts work tirelessly until the work is done, and have years of expertise, which results in crystal clean facilities.



We ensure that facilities are cleaned in-depth, and with a high attention to detail, especially on surfaces and areas that are frequented by many people.

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service includes glass cleaning and detailed dusting

High Dusting

We efficiently remove pesky dust particles, including hard-to-reach and stubborn spots

Escalators Cleaning

Escalators in buildings and shopping malls are the most utilized spot; therefore got messy and sticky quite soon and directly affect the visitors. All you need to do is outsource your escalator cleaning services to CraneIFS. We have a specialized team for escalator cleaning, which uses the best machinery to give you consistent and quick results


(Service Available Nationwide Throughout Canada)

Let us clean your world

At Crane, we not only believe in leaving your location cleaner than when we arrived, we also believe in leaving the world a better, cleaner place than when we arrived as well.

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