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Elevators consulting
Elevators consulting

Elevators are the single most expensive asset to acquire and maintain in a building. An average service call usually accounts for a bill of over $500!! Surely expensive to pay without knowing exactly why you are being billed and why this was not included in the contract. In addition, our team of Class A and F certified consultants are able to provide consultation as well as actual inspections to make sure your contractor is performing as they should by code and contract. Through our years of experience we have discovered many areas that Crane can save you money and frustration by allowing us to manage your elevator portfolio including:

  • Invoice checking and confirmation that the charge is warranted and at a reasonable level
  • Tendering of maintenance and modernization contracts
  • Specification writing and management of contract awards
  • Trouble call review (elevators SHOULD NOT HAVE MORE THAN 6 calls per year at most)
  • Logbook checking and compliance with TSSA codes as well as Quarterly fire recall testing per the National Building Code section

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