Escalator Cleaning

Escalator Cleaning
Escalator Cleaning

How we Clean?

In our Escalator Cleaning process, following steps are involved:

  • Trained and educated professional cleaning crews are located throughout Canada, each with its own equipment. We ensure that each job is completed quickly, to full client satisfaction with no premium being charged for overnight work. In fact, for public safety reasons, we prefer to work overnight.
  • During the cleaning process, the machine operator and his assistant removes all embedded foreign matter; which could damage the escalator combs and steps. Cleaning escalators needs a professional cleaner, not necessarily a qualified escalator technician who is better qualified for other tasks. We include a full clean of steps risers and other visual areas that may cause concern.
  • Our cleaning process, developed in Germany and the UK, is approved by all major escalator manufacturers and maintenance companies. The result is comparable to power washing but with no disruption (if done at night) and at a small percentage of the cost of step removal and offsite cleaning.
  • The Rotomac machine is unique in that it cleans not only the step tread but also the most visible part of the escalator for guests, the riser. This means that in the same process, equal cleaning is done to all visible surfaces.
  • In addition, we clean not only steps and risers during the Crane Custom process but ensure that all glass, handrails and balustrades are cleaned to give your tenants and guests the proper feeling of riding an escalator in your facility that is not only safe, but is cleaned to the highest possible standards respective of its age and environment.
  • We do not want to disappoint so please keep in mind that this process is one that cleans and removes dirt debris and grime such as grease etc. This process will not “repair” or refinish worn or scratched treads and combplates. We clean to the highest possible standards respective of the age and environment of each escalator.
  • One of the most common escalator problems (broken comb plates caused by debris or small rocks) can be partially avoided with proper and regular step and riser cleaning.

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