Integrated Facility Services

Crane IFS is a leading provider of commercial cleaning and hygiene services. Our mission is to provide a great customer experience and impeccable service for our clients, along with guaranteed expertise and friendly employees. We understand that our customers have unique needs and are honored to be able to leave your facility fresh-smelling and in tip-top condition. 

What do we do

(But not limited to)

Floor cleaning

Complete floor care

We offer full-scale floor care solutions, including interim and partial. 
carpet cleaning2

Carpet maintenance

Our carpet maintenance solutions ensure that your carpets are dirt and debris-free. 
Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Our window cleaning service includes glass cleaning and detailed dusting. 
Poter cleaning

Day porter

Our janitorial experts work tirelessly until the work is done, and have years of expertise, which results in crystal clean facilities.


We ensure that facilities are cleaned in-depth, and with a high attention to detail, especially on surfaces and areas that are frequented by many people. 
High dusting

High Dusting

We efficiently remove pesky dust particles, including hard-to-reach and stubborn spots.


(Services Available Nationwide Throughout Canada)


Our mission at Crane IFS is to provide remarkable service that results in sparkling clean facilities. Your location will be in better condition than we found it, due to our efficiency, trained experts, and high-quality tools and equipment.


(But not limited to)

General Elevator Consulting

Elevators are some of the most costly components of building maintenance. So it’s imperative that whenever your elevators are being maintained, all of the essential aspects are included in the service, and that you clearly understand the scope. On average, service calls can cost over $500 each visit which cumulatively amounts to major costs incurred for your facility. Consult with us to better understand the ins and outs of elevator maintenance so that your next scheduled maintenance is within your budget and that you understand exactly what all charges mean.

High building Elevator Fire Recall

Our expert mechanics are highly skilled and TSSA Class A certified. We conduct quarterly-scheduled testing and evaluations and ensure that all service tests comply with the National Building and Fire Code section

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